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The Basic of Writing a Good Argumentative Essay

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

An argumentative essay is one of the main types of essays that students would have to contend themselves to writing with, as the name implies, an intent to prove a point or to express a certain opinion. This type of essays mainly deals about certain claims, which may or may not be open for debate. Essays that fall under this type are not necessarily written to prove a point, because they primarily aim to showcase the power of logical reasoning to help the readers arrive at a conclusion. There are various techniques that one may use to make the goals of this essay type possible, all of which involves writing well beyond the basic form. One needs to adhere to certain considerations in order to carry out the main goal, or simple disregard these pointers and flounder in the process.

Here are some tips that one may follow to make the task of writing an argumentative essay much simple and, not to mention, more effective. With these simple techniques, you should be able to use logical reasoning not only to prove a point, but also to guide your readers to arrive at the same conclusions for themselves. Make sure that you religiously look into these considerations when you write essays of this type, to make your essay-writing task more productive.

First and foremost, you need to understand that the position that you are taking in the essay should not, in any way, be presented as a fact. After all, facts are non-disprovable; and you would no longer have to write an essay to prove their veracity. However, you need to show your readers that the position that you are putting up for considerations should very well be fact-based. You need find a way to show, through writing of course, that you are exposing points that are founded on these pieces of hard information.

When you write an argumentative essay, you need to understand that the claims that you are expressing in your work are bound to be debatable, using one point of view or another. If you are head-on about using points that are not open for debate, then your arguments will not be good ones. Remember that the aim of the over-all work is to prove certain assertions using various facts and verifiable statistic through various logical devices. If the thesis of your essay does not have this main characteristic, then you simply are not successful in your goal.

Finally, make sure that you appeal to your audience to decide about the matter for themselves. A good argumentative essay always leaves the readers thinking and pushes them to draw their own conclusions. Ideally, the conclusion that the readers draw in the end should be in line with the point and the logical flow of the essay. After all, the main point of writing your piece would be to entice people to see things your way. When your readers draw conclusions that seem to go against the points of your essay, then your piece may be seen as counterproductive or, even worse, ineffective.


Argumentative Essay – It’s Natural to Argue

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Many students find writing an argumentative essay quite a difficult task. But in fact, it’s one of the most natural things that could possibly be. It’s true that almost each day everybody argues for or against something with somebody. Expressing our opinion by means of argumentation has become such an organic part of our everyday life that we don’t even notice how argumentative we are in this or that discussion irrespectively of the length of this process and its complexity.

The methodical basis of the argumentative essay and argumentation in general can be traced back to Aristotle, an ancient Greek philosopher. He distinguished 3 types of appeal of argument:

  • Ethos, which is the appeal of the character and persuasiveness of the orator or author;
  • Pathos, or the appeal to the emotion of your listeners or readers;
  • Logos, the appeal that deals with logic, reasoning and sets of facts.

Contemporary dictionaries define argument as one of the traditional modes of discourse. It is a course of reasoning aimed at proof and persuasion. That’s why argumentative essay is often referred to as persuasive essay, persuasive argument or critical essay. Basically, this type of academic writing is about taking a stand on a particular issue and expanding the point of view with expert opinions, facts, figures and other evidence.

In course of discussion and arguing their points of view people often realize that shifting into high whine seldom helps them achieve their goals. Just the opposite, it turns out that we orten have a much better chance at winning in the discussion or or changing someone’s mind if we present our point in a calm, logical manner, giving it sound reasons.

This approach is just what a professional argumentative essay does, as it demonstrates logical reasoning and solid evidence that will persuade the readers to accept your viewpoint. Some essays of this type argue a certain way of looking at some phenomenon or issue; others prove that there is a better solution to a problem; still others may support and agitate to adopt a different plan of action.

In order to find a good argumentative essay topic you should consider several issues that will have two contradictory points of view or very different conclusions. While looking over a list of subjects try to choose the one that really triggers your argumentative spirit. Then your task is to consider what position you will be able to support with reasoning. It’s one thing to have conviction, but while making the point you’ll have to explain why your argumentation is reasonable and logical.

Whatever your exact purpose, your essay should be composed first of all of a clear thesis. It must begin with a definite statement and reveal the significance of the presented opinion in terms of the analyzed phenomenon. Body paragraphs of the essay must offer enough sensible reasons and persuasive evidence to convince your readers to agree with you. In order to make that possible a wide range of information concerning the phenomenon should be processed.

Arguing and persuading is in blood of almost every man. But very few have the talent to always sound convincing, reasonable and logical. It requires much training and hard work to make your arguments reliable and your essay professional.