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Guide in Writing an Argumentative Essay Outline

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

For at least once in their academic lives, students will have to overcome the challenge of writing an argumentative essay. It is indeed a challenge that some may find almost impossible for them to do due to various reasons. Since students are not to escape from academic requirements, coming up with this type of essay will definitely not be exempted from this rule. Whether or not one has the skill or talent to write a good argumentative essay, a well-thought argumentative essay outline is a technique that can help anybody under any circumstance.

The key to writing a good argumentative essay is to express an argument while illustrating all its dimensions by providing the positive side and the negatives side of the argument concerned. Though there should be balance in writing this type of essay, taking a stand in order to convince readers to agree with the writer is the main goal. Simply speaking, the argumentative essay outline would have to develop in such a way that the argument is presented, discussed in all possible aspects and finally ending with a persuasive tone and content.

The topic is the starting point from which the outline would branch out. It’s important to state the topic or argument in such a way that would make it clear and understandable for any reader. The writer should be reminded that throughout the entire essay, everything he or she writes are either based on facts or personal opinions. Providing supporting evidences would make the stand the writer is taking more convincing.

Once the essay topic is finalized, creating the argument essay outline format would follow immediately. In creating the outline, the writer may simply use short sentences to state the scope of each of the sections of the essay. The writer may use his or her own style in organizing how the outline should look like. For example, some prefer using Roman numerals in creating the outline and in organizing the flow of the essay while others would simply prefer listing sentences or keywords on how the essay would develop.

The outline would start first with the introduction. The goal of the introduction is to give the reader an idea of what the entire essay is going to be about. This is where the reader will get a grasp of the argument presented. The introduction will then smoothly transition to the body which will start in discussing the details pertaining to the argument. Once all the information has been stated, the positive ideas may then be enumerated and discussed. Consequently, the negative ideas will the ones next to be enumerated and discussed.

With the argument clarified and the sides presented, the writer can then finally outline on how he or she will dwell on the stand to take with regards to the topic. This section would be followed by the closing section. This is where the writer will have to summarize the content of the essay and close with a conclusion that will leave a strong impression on the reader.

People have different styles in creating an argument essay outline. Nonetheless, anybody is capable of coming up with a good outline as long as they give it time and careful thinking.