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The Basic of Writing a Good Argumentative Essay

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

An argumentative essay is one of the main types of essays that students would have to contend themselves to writing with, as the name implies, an intent to prove a point or to express a certain opinion. This type of essays mainly deals about certain claims, which may or may not be open for debate. Essays that fall under this type are not necessarily written to prove a point, because they primarily aim to showcase the power of logical reasoning to help the readers arrive at a conclusion. There are various techniques that one may use to make the goals of this essay type possible, all of which involves writing well beyond the basic form. One needs to adhere to certain considerations in order to carry out the main goal, or simple disregard these pointers and flounder in the process.

Here are some tips that one may follow to make the task of writing an argumentative essay much simple and, not to mention, more effective. With these simple techniques, you should be able to use logical reasoning not only to prove a point, but also to guide your readers to arrive at the same conclusions for themselves. Make sure that you religiously look into these considerations when you write essays of this type, to make your essay-writing task more productive.

First and foremost, you need to understand that the position that you are taking in the essay should not, in any way, be presented as a fact. After all, facts are non-disprovable; and you would no longer have to write an essay to prove their veracity. However, you need to show your readers that the position that you are putting up for considerations should very well be fact-based. You need find a way to show, through writing of course, that you are exposing points that are founded on these pieces of hard information.

When you write an argumentative essay, you need to understand that the claims that you are expressing in your work are bound to be debatable, using one point of view or another. If you are head-on about using points that are not open for debate, then your arguments will not be good ones. Remember that the aim of the over-all work is to prove certain assertions using various facts and verifiable statistic through various logical devices. If the thesis of your essay does not have this main characteristic, then you simply are not successful in your goal.

Finally, make sure that you appeal to your audience to decide about the matter for themselves. A good argumentative essay always leaves the readers thinking and pushes them to draw their own conclusions. Ideally, the conclusion that the readers draw in the end should be in line with the point and the logical flow of the essay. After all, the main point of writing your piece would be to entice people to see things your way. When your readers draw conclusions that seem to go against the points of your essay, then your piece may be seen as counterproductive or, even worse, ineffective.